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A special combination between phenolic and phosphite antiox dispersed in polyamide polymer, free from fillers, waxes and other lubricants. Particularly suitable for polyamide stabilisation since it... view more
Special phenolic antioxidant agent dispersed in polyamide. Acts as an antioxidant masterbatch. Expressly developed for the thermo-oxidative stabilization of polyamide 6,6 and polyamide 6, especially... view more
50% dispersion of a nitrogen compound in polyamide copolymer, free from fillers and lubricants. Acts as a halogen-free flame retardant. Suggested for PA 66 and PA 6 applications where both “flame... view more
Dispersion at very high concentration of fluoride polymer (50%) in polyamide, free from fillers. Acts as a slip and lubricating agent for polyamide technical injection molding applications... view more
Combination of HALS and antioxidant agent in polyolefin polymer. Acts as a light stabilizer/UV absorber. Suitable for anti UV stabilisation of polyamide when transformed in selective thermic... view more
Titanium dioxide. Polyamide 6 is used as a carrier. Used as a masterbatch suitable for polyamide molding and extrusion... view more
Antimicrobic in polyolefinic polymer. Acts as an antimicrobial masterbatch for polyolefines and other polymeric composition. Imparts a reliable effect against some kinds of moulds such as against... view more
Blend based on a special polyamide copolymer. Acts as an antistatic agent. Suggested in injection moulding of styrene, polyester and polyamide resin. Used as a revolutionary antistatic system:... view more
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