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Sodium antimonate. Acts as a flame retardant. Recommended as an antimony synergist when any combination of low reactivity, very good physical properties, low opacity or low tint strength is... view more
  • ABS
  • PA, Nylon
  • PBT
  • PC
  • ...
Zinc borate. Acts as a halogen free flame retardant and smoke suppressant. Has the characters of non-toxicity, good dispersity and thermal stability. Is insoluble in water, ethanol, benzene, acetone... view more
  • Other Thermoplastic>PSU (Polysufone)
  • Other Rubber
  • Other Thermoplastic>PI (Polyimide)
  • Other Thermoplastic>PPS
  • ...
Halogen-free, greener flame retardant, mainly contains nitrogen and phosphorous. Especially developed for glass fiber reinforced PBT. Exhibits less mold corrosion and very good electrical... view more
  • PBT
  • Injection molding - thermoplastics
  • Extrusion
  • Safety, regulation & environment>Flame retardancy
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