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100401 Antioxidant PE Compound by Ampacet is an antioxidant to inhibit crosslinking and minimize gel formation. Designed to reduce oxidation of polyolefins remaining in extruder during shutdown... view more
103828 NaturBlend™ Universal Purge by Ampacet is a thermally stable, highly efficient purge masterbatch for high temperature applications. Designed for blown and caste film extrusion, injection &... view more
10400 Purge PE masterbatch by Ampacet is an ideal masterbatch for general purpose polyolefin applications. It serves as a transition purge while making color or resin changes. It contains a mild... view more
Ampacet Laser Mark 1001074-E by Ampacet is a cost-effective laser marking masterbatch. It enables high definition and high contrast on clear and dark surfaces. It produces sharp dark markings on... view more
Ampacet Laser Mark 1001088-E by Ampacet is a cost-effective laser marking masterbatch. It enables high definition and high contrast. It is designed for complex projects featuring different color... view more
AntiScratch ABS 6000047-E by Ampacet is a non-migrating additive that enhances abrasion and scratch resistance of engineering resins and alloys. It improves the surface appearance of styrenic... view more
BIAX4CE™ is a masterbatch portfolio by Ampacet specifically designed for BOPE film. It includes additive as well as white masterbatches formulated to meet optimum quality and processing... view more
Dallol Collection by Ampacet are masterbatches designed to impart modern, dynamic vibrancy to injection molded parts. Suitable for polyolefin applications, enables brand owners to increase consumer... view more
Earthy Mattes™ series by Ampacet functions as frosting agent that imparts a tactile effect without the added expense of a secondary process or mold change. It is a collection of non-gender specific... view more
Gemstones Collection by Ampacet is a jewel-toned palette providing a broadened color space with a luxury, reflective look that mirror the healing properties of stones for the mind and body. They... view more
GermsClean™ by Ampacet acts as an antimicrobial agent for effective, long-lasting protection of plastic products. Protects against harmful microorganisms that cause unpleasant odors, discoloration... view more
HALOFREE 229 is a halogen-free, flame retardant masterbatch by Ampacet. Suggested for polyethylene films at low addition rates. It is rated ''excellent'' in flammability testing classification M1... view more
HALOFREE 709 by Ampacet is a halogen-free, flame retardant masterbatch designed for polyethylene films at low addition rates. Provides excellent optics, film clarity and can be colored by using it... view more
LaserMarkFlex™ 1081 by Ampacet is an antimony-free masterbatch. Designed for black/ dark grey, high definition laser marking on flexible film using Nd:YAG technology. Ideal for small batch sizes and... view more
LaserMarkFlex™ 1135 is a flexible, antimony-free masterbatch by Ampacet. Ideal for small batch sizes and quick change layouts. Designed for light grey, high definition laser marking on flexible film... view more
Modern Mattes™ by Ampacet is a masterbatch for PET to provide cost-effective high impact and consistent high quality luxurious matte finish. It is recommended for rPET blow and injection molded... view more
PEARL 368 is a high performance organic cavitating masterbatch by Ampacet. Designed for premium quality labels and white-opaque BOPP packaging. It enables to achieve very low film densities with... view more
REC-NIR-BLACK™ High Alcohol is a black masterbatch by Ampacet. It is near-infrared (NIR) transparent to allow sorting with NIR optical sensors and recycling. Suitable for mono-layer PET bottles and... view more
ReVive™ 962E by Ampacet is a compatibilizer masterbatch. It offers sustainable solution for multi-material polyolefin barrier packaging that enables use of reclaimed material in quality film... view more
ScratchShield™ 7000109-N by Ampacet provides protection against scratch and abrasion without impacting gloss or mechanical properties of the resin. It reduces the occurrence and severity of scuffs... view more
ScratchShield™ PET 7000076-E by Ampacet is a two-in-one solution providing antiscratch protection as well as slip properties for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) preforms and bottles. It is designed... view more
Silky Bliss™ collection is a masterbatch designed by Ampacet. It includes six shades which are Diablo, Akoya, Crushed Ice, Mint Breeze, Alaska and Sakura. Provides an elegant silky surface and... view more
Whispers Collection by Ampacet comprises of special effect masterbatch grades that provides textural and frosted matte finish. Offers tactile feel and imparts a look of frozen indulgence of an... view more
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