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Mixed fatty acid. Acts as plasticizer and internal lubricant. Its molecular weight is 300.48. It is high melting, brittle, waxy solid at room temperature. Used as an activator for natural and... view more
4,4’ Dioctyl diphenylamine. Acts as antioxidant and corrosion inhibitor. It is generally used for all elastomers; specially purified for many non-staining and moderate discoloring applications such... view more
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Benzyl benzoate( BB ). Acts as plasticizer and solvent. Used as a substitute for camphor in celluloid and plastic pyroxylin compounds. Faintly aromatic odor. Molecular weight is 212.24. Benzyl... view more
2,6 ditertiary butyl 4 methyl phenol. Acts as antioxidant and emulsifier. It is a fat soluble organic compound used in petroleum waxes, plastics and polyolefins. It is also applicable in... view more
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Phthalic acid diethyl ester. Acts as plasticizer and lubricating agent. Molecular weight is 222. It imparts flexibility and impacts strength of plastics. Used in rocket propellants and cellulose... view more
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Bis(2-ethylhexyl) hexanedioate. Acts as plasticizer. Molecular weight of 370.58. Used in PVC, flexible medical plastic, garden hoses, tarps and awnings. Dioctyl Adipate ( DOA ) produces clear films... view more
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