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Hostavin® 3310 by Clariant is a benzotriazole grade. Acts as a broad UV absorber in UV-A and UV-B range. It brings the best UV spectrum coverage and thus are particularly suitable for exterior... view more
Hostavin® 3326 P by Clariant acts as a UV absorber. It has a high stability against thermal degradation and a low volatility. It has a broad absorptivity in the UV-A and UV-B range and for this... view more
Hostavin® ARO 8 P by Clariant is a hydroxy-benzophenone. Acts as a UV absorber for plastic materials. Hostavin® ARO 8 P protects polymers against damage from UV by physical transformation of the UV... view more
Hostavin® B-CAP® by Clariant is benzylidene-bis-malonate type UV absorber. It strongly absorbs in the high energy part of the UV spectrum (short wavelength). It is colorless and is suitable for... view more
Hostavin® N 30 pills by Clariant is a highly effective, hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) for plastics. Offers broad compatibility with polyolefins, PA, POM, PBT and PVC. Shows excellent... view more
Hostavin® N 30 powder is an oligomeric hindered amine light stabilizer by Clariant. It offers excellent thermal and color stability. It imparts improved resistance to attacks by agrochemicals... view more
Hostavin® N 321 by Clariant is a solid solution of the low molecular weight HALS Hostavin 3050 and the oligomeric HALS Hostavin N 30. Acts as a light stabilizer for high demanding applications. It... view more
Hostavin® N 392 by Clariant is a mixture of the oligomeric HALS Hostavin® N 30 and a wax. Acts as a light stabilizer. It improves the distribution of the product in the resin. Hostavin® N 392 is... view more
Hostavin® NOW MP XP by Clariant is a non-halogenated flame retardant. It provides color, light and thermal stability. It offers improved processability. Hostavin® NOW MP XP is recommended for... view more
Hostavin® NOW PILLS XP by Clariant is a non-halogenated flame retardant. It provides light and thermal stability to polyolefin thin sections. Its chemical nature will allow an easy and uniform... view more
Hostavin® PR-25 granules by Clariant is an efficient UV-B absorber. It shows excellent absorption especially in the UVB-range. The granules are colorless and even in high concentration in the resin... view more
Hostavin® PR-25 powder by Clariant is a UV-B absorber for PVC, polyesters, PC, polyamides, styrene plastics, EVA copolymers, and cellulosics. Exhibits excellent absorption especially in the... view more
Hostavin® PR-31 P by Clariant is a hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) with a UV absorber functionality. It is characterized by its excellent efficiency and its ability to be fixed into the... view more
Hostavin® VSU P by Clariant is an oxalanilide based UV absorber. Used for highly transparent plastics. It is characterized by its absolute colorlessness. It is recommended for all plastics, where... view more
Light stabilizer for plastics, especially for thicker walled products... view more
Sterically Hindered Amine. Acts as a light stabilizer for plastics, in particular thick walled polyolefins, styrenics, polyamides etc. Special advantage is it's slight interaction with sulfur... view more
Sterically hindered amine and costabilizers... view more
Polymer of 2,2,4,4,-Tetramethyl-7-oxa-3,20-diazadispiro-( and epychlorhydrin and metallocene catalyst based polypropylene wax... view more
2,2,6,6 - Tetramethyl piperidine. It acts as a hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS). It does not absorb UV light, and their protective action in polymers is usually attributed to scavenging of... view more
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