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High efficiency liquid methyltin mercaptide. Used as thermal stabilizer for clear bottles, clear rigid sheet, profiles , siding, trim and accessories and window lineals and other critical injection... view more
Advastab™ TM-181-FS by PMC Group is a high efficiency liquid methyltin mercaptide. Acts as a thermal stabilizer. Provides very good clarity and good early color stability. Possesses good residual... view more
High efficiency liquid methyltin mercaptide. Used for bottles, rigid sheet and profiles applications. Provides good early colour stabilisation and superior dynamic processing stabilisation... view more
High efficiency liquid methyltin mercaptide. Used for food packaging. Provides good early color as well as very good dynamic processing stability... view more
High-efficiency liquid reverse ester methyltin. Used in Fence/deck/rail PVC plastics, siding and window frames/profiles. Provides good early color. Offers very good long-term stability properties... view more
Methyltin mercaptoester. Imparts excellent color hold at very low cost. Used in substrate compounds or pipe compounds requiring increased stabilizer efficacy. Recommended loading of ~1.0 phr in... view more
Thermal stabilizer. Used for food-packaging applications. Provides improved processing and regrind stability... view more
Liquid reverse ester methyltin vinyl. Acts as a thermal stabilizer. Is a high performance designed for various rigid vinyl processes: calendering, extrusion and injection molding. Possesses... view more
Unique low cost liquid reverse ester methyltin. Acts as a thermal stabilizer. Offers significant cost and performance advantages in a variety of rigid vinyl formulations. Its unique chemistry... view more
Liquid methyltin. Used as reverse ester stabilizer for PVC pipes. Offers sparkling clarity in clear compounds. Provides very good color hold in white and pigmented compounds... view more
Liquid ester methyltin. Used as thermal stabilizer for pipe extrusion. Provides the highest early color stability... view more
Liquid methyltin vinyl. Acts as a high performance thermal stabilizer for demanding foam extrusion applications, particularly rigid vinyl pipe. Has demonstrated increased gas yield when using "azo"... view more
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