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OFALUB SEO by Safic-Alcan is a phosphoric acid ester of modified fatty alcohol. It acts as a processing aid for VAMAC. It also acts as an excellent external lubricant for elastomers during mixing... view more
OFALUB STA by Safic-Alcan is a stearylamine. OFALUB STA acts as a processing aid for VAMAC. The shelf life of the product is 1 year... view more
Safcar 65 by Safic-Alcan is a blend of isopropylated phenol & phosphate (3:1). It acts as a flame retardant for PVC, flexible polyurethanes, cellulosic resins and synthetic rubber. Safcar 65 can be... view more
Safic-Chem 6PPD by Safic-Alcan is a N-(1,3-dimethylbutyl)-N’-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine. It acts as an antioxidant for rubber. It exhibits outstanding dynamic flex protection. Safic-Chem 6PPD shows... view more
Safic-Chem IPPD by Safic-Alcan is a N-isopropyl-N’-phenyl-p-phenylene-diamine. It is a highly efficient antioxidant. It is recommended for natural rubber and many kinds of synthetic rubber & their... view more
Safic-Chem MBPA by Safic-Alcan is a 4-(1-methyl-1-phenylethyl)-N-[4-(1-methyl-1-phenylethyl) phenyl] aniline. It is a heat resistant antioxidant. Safic-Chem MBPA is recommended for synthetic and... view more
Safic-Chem TMQ GR by Safic-Alcan is a low molecular weight, polymerized (2, 2, 4–trimethyl-1, 2-dihydroquinoline). It is recommended for natural rubber, SBR and NBR. It can effectively prevent... view more
VULCOFAC® 13PDM by Safic-Alcan is a 1, 1’-(1, 3-phenylene) bis-1H-pyrrole-2, 5-dione. It acts as a curing agent for elastomers. It can be used in the production of heavy-duty tires for construction... view more
VULCOFAC® 4100 by Safic-Alcan is a special blend of a blocked diamine and an accelerator. It offers vulcanization of elastomers reacting with amines such as fluorinated rubbers, ethylene acrylate... view more
VULCOFAC® 500 DL75 by Safic-Alcan is a trifunctional monomer which is a coagent in peroxide or E.B. curing. It is a blend of 75% methacrylic ester and 25% silicon dioxide. It provides maximum scorch... view more
VULCOFAC® ACT 55 by Safic-Alcan is a tertiary amine complex absorbed on a silica carrier. It acts as an activator (accelerator) for rubber compounds especially ethylene acrylate copolymers such as... view more
VULCOFAC® CGS-65 by Safic-Alcan is a blend of Vulcofac HDC (a blocked diamine), DOTG (an accelerator), and Alcanplast DBS (a plasticizer dibutyl sebacate) with HiSil AB. It is presented in a... view more
VULCOFAC® CLD MB80N by Safic-Alcan is a nitrosamine-free, non-staining sulfur donor for natural and synthetic rubbers. It acts as an accelerator. It is a blend of caprolactam disulfide (80%) and... view more
VULCOFAC® DBU DL70 by Safic-Alcan is a blend of (70%) 1,8-diazabicyclo-5, 4, 0-undecene-7 and (30%) silicon dioxide. It acts as a polyurethane catalyst. The shelf life of VULCOFAC® DBU DL70 product... view more
VULCOFAC® EGDMA-70 by Safic-Alcan is a blend of 70% ethylene glycol dimethacrylate and 30% silicon dioxide. It acts as a vulcanizing/ curing agent. It is a difunctional methacrylic monomer which is... view more
VULCOFAC® HD-IMINE by Safic-Alcan is an N, N’-dicinnamylidene 1, 6-hexanediamine. It can be used for the vulcanization of elastomers that are reacting with amines. It is recommended for fluorinated... view more
VULCOFAC® HMDAC by Safic-Alcan is a hexamethylene diamine carbamate. It acts as a vulcanizing agent. It is recommended for elastomers reacting with amines such as ethylene acrylate copolymers... view more
VULCOFAC® PLCT-70 by Safic-Alcan is a blend of pale liquid coumarone 70% and silicon dioxide 30%. It acts as a tackifier. It can be used as a substitute for aromatic process oils. It is recommended... view more
VULCOFAC® SR517 DL70 by Safic-Alcan is a blend of 70% methacrylic ester and 30% silicon dioxide. It acts as a vulcanizing/curing agent. It is a trifunctional monomer which is coagent in peroxide or... view more
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