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Polymers additives supplied by Lanxess

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Product Name
Addonyl® 8073 is a high-molecular weight polyol. It is produced through an anionic polymerization of caprolactam. During the pressureless casting process the monomeric caprolactam melt is poured... view more
Addonyl8108 is an approximately 70 % solution of an aliphatic polyisocyanate in N-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidone. Acts as a liquid activator. It enables short production intervals (demolding time under 10... view more
Addonyl®8112 is polyoxypropylene triamine. Acts as a liquid activator and is used during polymerization. It helps modifies the low-temperature impact strength of PA-6 G. The product is easily... view more
Addonyl®8120 is solid blocked diisocyanate. Acts as an activator during the production of Cast Nylon (PA-6 G). Due to the low proportion of the final material, it is mostly dust-free and enables... view more
Addonyl® Kat NL is an approximately 18.5 % solid solution of sodium caprolactamate in caprolactam. It has a weak characteristic odor. Acts as a catalyst during the production of Cast Nylon (PA-6 G)... view more
Addonyl® P is Aromatic polycarbodiimide. Acts as an activator during the production of Cast Nylon (PA-12 G or PA-6 12 G). With its use, a longer pouring time can be achieved. The product is easily... view more
Addonyl® TT is dimeric toluene-2.4-diisocyanate. Acts as an activator in cast nylon (PA-6 G) in order to extend the pouring time. Pyrogenous silicic acid (< 1%) is used as a fluxing agent. The... view more
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