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Polymers additives supplied by Solvay

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Colloid™ 581B by Solvay is a silicone-free defoamer. It offers quick foam knock-down in high-surfactant polymerization applications and low carryover into compounding. Colloid™ 581B shows excellent... view more
Colloid™ 635 by Solvay is silicone-free antifoaming agent. It possesses excellent high shear, pH and temperature stability. Colloid™ 635 is suitable for general stripping and polymer compounding... view more
Colloid™ 675 by Solvay is an easily dispersible, multi-component defoamer for stripping, foam knock-down and latex handling. Colloid™ 675 is extremely effective with ethylene copolymers and... view more
Colloid™ 681F by Solvay is an easily dispersible, defoamer. It remains homogeneous. Colloid™ 681F is suitable for vinyl-acrylics... view more
Colloid™ 685 by Solvay is a readily dispersible, strong defoamer. It is efficient than high silica defoamers. Colloid™ 685 is suitable for stripping and processing carboxylated SBR and PVC... view more
Colloid™ 961 by Solvay is an extremely dispersible, defoamer. It shows excellent foam knock-down and long-term persistence. It spreads rapidly. Colloid™ 961 is compatible with most emulsions, PVA... view more
Colloid™ 985 by Solvay is a silicone free, easily dispersible defoamer. It shows non-setting properties in drums. Colloid™ 985 is useful in vinyl acrylic lattices and sealants. It is effective with... view more
Colloid™ 994 by Solvay is a dispersible, high silicone-silica level with other active defoamers. Colloid™ 994 is effective in stripping highly viscous emulsions and dispersions... view more
Colloid™ 999 by Solvay is silicone- & mineral oil-free, easily dispersible, defoamer. Colloid™ 999 is excellent for compounded systems containing PVA, gelatin, protein, starch and cellulosics... view more
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