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Polymers additives supplied by BASF

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Larostat® 264 A by BASF is a quaternary ammonium compound. Used as most effective cationic antistat. Offers high degree of unsaturation. Eliminates dirt and dust pick-up. Exhibits good thermal... view more
Larostat® 264 A anhydrous by BASF acts as a superior cationic antistatic agent. It is made from natural occurring soybean oil. It is also acts as a solubilizing/compatibilizing agent. Shows... view more
Larostat® 377 DPG by BASF is a mixture of n-alkyl dimethyl ethyl ammonium ethyl sulfates in dipropylene glycol. Acts as an antistatic agent. Offers very good heat stability and low odor content... view more
Larostat® 519 by BASF is an anti-static agent. It is used in place of or in addition to fillers in compounded elastomeric materials. Larostat® 519 is also used to provide antistatic characteristics... view more
Larostat® 902 A by BASF is an effective non-amine based antistat for polyolefins. Exhibits good water resistance when internally incorporated in polyethylene films and does not affects its quality... view more
Larostat® 902 AS by BASF is a effective antistatic agent for HDPE. It is very effective in polyolefins. It does not affect film quality or clarity at use concentrations. Powder form as a 60% active... view more
LAROSTAT® FPE S by BASF acts as an effective antistatic agent. Exhibits good water resistance and is water soluble at room temperature. Also acts as an effective topical antistat. Used for polymers... view more
Larostat® HTS 905 by BASF is a highly efficient antistat for engineering thermoplastics. Provides long term, internal static protection. Exhibits minimal color change or physical distortion when... view more
Larostat® HTS 905 S by BASF is a highly efficient antistat for engineering thermoplastics. Used in engineered thermoplastics, flexible PVC and polypropylene. Larostat® HTS 905 S provides long term... view more
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