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Plasthall® 7050 by Hallstar is a dialkylether glutarate. It is a monomeric plasticizer. Exhibits extremely good extraction resistance against oils and solvents when compared to other monomeric... view more
Plasthall® 83SS by Hallstar is a 2-(2-butoxyethoxy) ethyl ester of mixed dibasic acids. It acts as a plasticizer and processing aid. It is a dibutoxyethoxylethyl sebacate substitute. It offers the... view more
Isooctyl tallate. PLASTHALL® 100 by Hallstar acts as a plasticizer. It has excellent compatibility in polychloroprene as well as chlorosulfonated polyethylene and natural rubber. In polychloroprene... view more
Dibutoxyethyl sebacate. PLASTHALL® 207 DBES by Hallstar is a plasticizer. Offers excellent low temperature performance in nitrile and polychloroprene. Plasthall 207 DBES also finds utility in PVC... view more
Adipate plasticizer. PLASTHALL® 209 by Hallstar is a highly compatible plasticizer. It is designed to provide maximum low-temperature flexibility to various types of elastomers, including natural... view more
Dibutoxyethoxyethyl adipate. PLASTHALL® 226S-DBEEA-S by Hallstar is an efficient plasticizer for urethane, urethane-acrylate, epoxy-polyol systems. This product has very low residual alcohol... view more
Monomeric adipate. PLASTHALL® 297 by Hallstar is a plasticizer designed to give PVC film and sheet extreme low-temperature flexibility. It minimizes the problems frequently encountered in film and... view more
TEG carparate-caprylate. PLASTHALL® 4141 by Hallstar is a monomeric plasticizer that exhibits extremely good compatibility with practically all types of synthetic rubber. It combines low volatility... view more
Butyl tallate. PLASTHALL® 503 by Hallstar acts as a plasticizer. It is a monomeric tallate which yields good low temperature flexibility. It is used in natural rubber and synthetic rubber. In... view more
Alkyl alkylether diester. PLASTHALL® 7006 by Hallstar is a monomeric adipate. Offers excellent solvent extraction resistance while offering good low temperature properties. It is compatible with... view more
Octyl decyl trimellitate. PLASTHALL® 8-10 TME by Hallstar acts as a plasticizer. Provides the highest volatility resistance in PVC compounds. Offers extremely low compound weight losses, exceptional... view more
Butyl benzyl phthalate. PLASTHALL® BBP by Hallstar is an excellent general-purpose plasticizer. In polyvinyl chloride hot-processing operations such as calendaring or extruding, it imparts excellent... view more
N-butyl benzene sulfonamide. PLASTHALL® BSA by Hallstar is used as a plasticizer for high polarity polymers including nylon... view more
Modified adipate ester. PLASTHALL® CF by Hallstar is a monomeric plasticizer designed for its low temperature performance and low fog characteristic for interior automotive applications. PLASTHALL®... view more
Diallyl phthalate. Used as co-agent... view more
Dibutylphthalate. PLASTHALL® DBP acts as a general purpose monomeric plasticizer. Possesses excellent solubilizing characteristics. Used in shower curtains, raincoats and vinyl coated fabrics. It is... view more
Diisobutyl adipate. PLASTHALL® DIBA by Hallstar is a plasticizer. It imparts low temperature flexibility but has poor permanence. It is also effective at solvating various polymers and has... view more
Diisodecyl adipate. PLASTHALL® DIDA acts as a plasticizer. It is the highest molecular weight member of our monomeric adipate ester series. It is outstanding among the adipate diesters for low... view more
Diisodecyl sebacate. PLASTHALL® DIDS by Hallstar acts as a plasticizer. Offers good low temperature properties and improved permanence for a monomeric ester. PLASTHALL® DIDS is used for PVC, NBR and... view more
Diisononyl phthalate. PLASTHALL® DINP by Hallstar is a plasticizer. Its medium level of performance has found general use in applications that require permanence higher than what would be obtained... view more
Dioctyl phthalate. PLASTHALL® DOP by Hallstar acts as monomeric plasticizer. It provides a balance of properties as well as economical cost. Has compatibility with cellulose nitrate, chlorinated... view more
Plasthall® DOS is a dioctyl sebacate. It acts as a plasticizer... view more
Dioctyl sebacate. Acts as the plasticizer. It is a diester based on an alcohol-dibasic acid combination. Compatible with polychloroprene. Offers the similar performance to polymers that standard... view more
Dioctyl terephthalate. PLASTHALL® DOTP by Hallstar is a highly permanent monomeric plasticizer. Due to the higher molecular weight of Plasthall DOTP, efficiency and low-temperature properties are... view more
Dioctylazelate. PLASTHALL® DOZ by Hallstar acts as a plasticizer. It is utilized when the best low temperature performance is required in a PVC formulation. In addition, it offers excellent... view more
Low polarity ditridecyl adipate. PLASTHALL® DTDA by Hallstar acts as a lubricant or a plasticizer for low polarity polymers. It is compatible with EPDM, hydrogenated nitrile and nitrile. PLASTHALL®... view more
Ditridecyl phthalate. Used as a general performance plasticizer. Offers very good electrical properties and permanence... view more
Epoxidized linseed oil. Acts as bio based plasticizer. Provides good heat and light stability as well as high compatibility in PVC. It is recommended for food contact and medical applications where... view more
Epoxidized soybean oil. Acts as bio based plasticizer. Offers excellent stabilizing effectiveness to PVC and polychloroprene compounds. Has good compatibility upon aging, second only to PARAPLEX®... view more
Polyester glutarate. PLASTHALL® P-550 by Hallstar is a medium molecular weight, low viscosity polymeric plasticizer. Has very low volatility while imparting low hardness. Provides excellent process... view more
Polyester adipate. PLASTHALL® P-643 by Hallstar is a low to medium molecular weight plasticizer. Has extraction and migration resistance superior to typical monomeric plasticizers especially where... view more
Low to medium molecular weight polyester adipate. PLASTHALL® P-650 by Hallstar acts as a plasticizer. Offers excellent migration resistance when compared to similar molecular weight materials while... view more
Polyester adipate. PLASTHALL® P-670 by Hallstar is a low molecular weight polyester plasticizer. Offers excellent efficiency, processing characteristics and low temperature properties. also provides... view more
Plasthall® P-675 by Hallstar is Polyester adipate. Low molecular weight polyester. Used as plasticizer. Offers low temperature performance. Provides better permanence, volatility and migration... view more
Polyester glutarate. PLASTHALL® P-7092 by Hallstar is an intermediate molecular weight plasticizer. It resists extraction of both oils and water to a greater extent than other plasticizers of equal... view more
An intermediate molecular weight polyester glutarate. Used as plasticizer... view more
Polyester azelate. PLASTHALL® P-745 is a low molecular weight polyester plasticizer. Offers very good processability and compatibility while maintaining permanence and migration resistance. Provides... view more
Polyester phthalate. PLASTHALL® P-900 by Hallstar is a plasticizer. Provides a superior hydrophilic surface. Compounds containing P-900 are excellent candidates for water side print roll... view more
Proprietary non-phthalate ester. Acts as a plasticizer. It is a phthalate alternative that is more efficient than DOP and other phthalate esters. It can be used at lower levels to achieve the same... view more
Plasthall® PR-A200 by Hallstar is a highly efficient polyester adipate. It acts as a polymeric plasticizer. It exhibits easy processing and low viscosity. It offers excellent cold flex properties... view more
Plasthall® PR-A217 by Hallstar is a low molecular weight & readily biodegradable polyester adipate. It acts as a plasticizer. It offers excellent low temperature performance. It is suitable for... view more
Plasthall® PR-A610 by Hallstar is a 100% bio-based, renewable ester. It acts as a plasticizer. It offers improved volatility resistance. It is compatible with acrylic resins, nitrile and polyvinyl... view more
Plasthall® PR-LCOA by Hallstar is a low molecular weight, long chain oligomer. It is designed to be used as a plasticizer. It is compatible with acrylic rubber, chlorinated rubber, epichlorohydrin... view more
PLASTHALL® RP-1020 by Hallstar is a reactive plasticizer. Provides excellent permanence properties when exposed to high heat and extractable organic fluids. These properties along with retention of... view more
Epoxidized octyl tallate. PLASTHALL® S-73 by Hallstar is an efficient epoxy ester plasticizer. Provides effective heat & liqht stability and low temperature flexibility to PVC compounds. Possesses... view more
Trioctyl trimellitate. PLASTHALL® TOTM by Hallstar is a plasticizer. Imparts to PVC compounds excellent volatility resistance, due to its relatively higher molecular weight. Provides very low... view more
PLASTHALL® TOTM-CA by Hallstar is a relatively higher molecular weight monomeric ester. Imparts excellent volatility resistance, and excellent extraction resistance to polar and non-polar fluids. It... view more
Polyester adipate... view more
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