Brüggemann - a name synonymous with unsurpassed quality and customer orientation for more than 140 years

Customers in more than 60 countries worldwide trust in the reliability of Brüggemann because they appreciate the characteristic fast response of a medium-sized enterprise, as well as our innovative product solutions. The Heilbronn headquarters, with a workforce of around 180, is not just a production site but also home to our R&D center. It is from here that, based on its long tradition, our company manages its global sales network – with subsidiaries in the U.S. and Hong Kong now supporting our global orientation.

Brüggemann develops, produces and markets
  • industrial chemicals
  • additives for engineering thermoplastics

BRUGGOLEN® high performance additives for engineering plastics with a focus on polyamides (PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 12 and Co-polyamide) are covering a range of applications from compounds for injection molding and extrusion, packaging film, and fibers. On the basis of this expertise, Brüggemann is likewise a leading global manufacturer and supplier of AP-Nylon® additives for the production of cast polyamides and NYRIM® materials. Our product portfolio comprises catalyst and activator systems, heat stabilizers, toughness modifiers, processing aids and the monomer AP caprolactam. NYRIM® stands for nylon (PA6) block copolymers for use in RIM molding processes whose outstanding properties include, e.g., an excellent impact toughness at temperatures down to -40° C.

Brüggemann is involved in a number of national and international projects aimed at the development of new composite materials based on cast polyamide. Here, projected applications range from wind turbine rotors through lightweight automotive components to hydrogen tanks with a long-term resistance to pressures up to 700 bars.

If you are looking for specialty additives or rough and tough material for special applications, Brüggemann is a partner of top choice. Discover its one-stop-shop solutions for:

- For Special Applications -
- Save 50% Raw Material -
AP-Nylon® Materials
- THE Toughest Polyamide -

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