Nyrim® - Impact Resitant Down to Very Low Temperatures

NYRIM® is a thermoplastic material noted for its exceptionally high shape stability over a temperature range from -40 to 140° C. Moreover, this material distinguishes itself by its excellent impact strength and very high abrasion resistance. – These and other valuable properties are a result of its chemical structure:

  • NYRIM® is an elastomer-modified AP-Nylon®, or P6 block copolymer

The characteristics of this copolymer can be selectively controlled, depending on its intended use, by varying the elastomer content. Typically, the elastomer component will account for between 10 (NYRIM® 1000) and 40% by volume (NYRIM® 4000). NYRIM® products – both semi-finished stock and complex parts – are obtained by reaction injection molding (RIM), roto-casting or vacuum infusion.

Comparison of material data (dry) of NYRIM® and Cast Polyamide
Parameter Cast PA NYRIM® 1000 NYRIM® 2000 NYRIM® 4000
E-Modulus [MPa] 3500 2500 1700 500
Tensile strength [MPa] 80 58 47 26
Elongation at fracture [%] 6 40 270 420
Izod at 23°C [kJ/m2] 4 10 30 No fracture
Izod at -40°C [kJ/m2] 2 7 9 No fracture
Hardness (Shore D) 85 79 74 59

In the RIM process, high-viscosity and low-viscosity fluids can be processed together. Once the components are thoroughly mixed (with the aid of a dynamic mixhead), the mould cavity is filled using low pressure only.
NYRIM® parts can be made cost-efficiently in a vast range of designs:
  • suitable for finished parts of large volume / large surface area
  • major variations in wall thickness (> 3:1) are no problem
  • small-to-medium runs (from 100 to 40,000 parts) can be cost-efficiently produced
  • low mold-filling pressure results in low tooling costs (aluminium molds)
  • supports addition of reinforcing materials and/or fillers
  • inserts or glass-fiber matting can be integrated (i.e., imbedded in the polymer)
  • hollow parts can be made by special hollow-core techniques (lost core method)
  • multi-cavity molds with different molding geometries can be used.

A feature common to all NYRIM® applications is that they benefit from the material’s exceptional properties in conjunction with the flexibility of RIM process technology. Materials and support from Brüggemann have enabled a host of solutions in industries as diverse as transport (e.g., rollers, containers, elevator buckets), heavy-duty equipment (tanks, crushers, track pads, etc.), construction (special anchors, utility service covers), alpine (e.g., wheel guidings and wheels for snow groomers) and general applications (dentist’s chairs, roadside emergency call boxes, etc.).

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