Combinations of mixtures of antioxidants, nucleating agents, heat stabilizers, internal and external lubricating agents for polyamide.

BRUGGOLEN® One-Packs offer significant advantages for polymer producers and converters:
Improved dosing accuracy
Less off-spec material
Homogenous resin quality
Simplified manufacturing
Decreased purchasing, warehousing and quality control costs
Reduced operating cost!

And as dust-free pellets or granules, additional "One-Packs" benefits include:
Improved flow-ability, easier conveying and feeding
Better workspace hygiene

Processing One-Pack for Polyamides
Product Composition Characteristics
Mixture of functional additives
  • Ready-to-use package for recycling and upgrading PA
  • Improved melt flow during processing
  • Protection of the polymer against degradation caused by sheer stress
  • Basic stabilization against thermal degradation and yellowing during processing
  • Reduction of overall cycle time
  • Better surface of finished parts
  • Better mould release of finished parts
  • Reduced post - shrinkage
  • Better dimensional stability
  • Less warpage, avoidance of stresses
  • Increased tear strength and stiffness

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