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21st Century Nanoplastics Taking Off

SpecialChem / Jul 4, 2007

Changing attitudes on how best to employ nanofillers in plastics material systems is taking shape. Very current thinking is emphasizing a shift away from viewing the nanofiller or nanoadditive as the single most critical constituent in a plastic compound or nanocomposite. Instead the emphasis is leaning strongly towards testing and measuring nanofillers as one more constituent that will assist in optimizing the finished formulated product. Thus attention to detail is paramount in establishing where nanofillers add value synergistically with other additives. Let's take a look at some key emerging 21st century nanoplastics systems.. Scientists are discovering that nanotubes made from inorganic materials have unique properties and a range of potential applications different from those of the all-carbon type such as ultra high strength plastic composites. Nanotubes made from transition metal oxides, and halides have been synthesized, as well as metal-doped, pure metal, boron-based, and silicon-based nanotubes.

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