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Advanced Surface Property Modifiers Ready for Use

SpecialChem / Feb 14, 2011

Scratch and mar resistance (SMR) of plastics is of growing importance in automotive with its increasing use of plastics and the trend to eliminate paint in favor of molded-in color. MoldWiz INT-35CPD, a synergistic blend of modified polymers and organic fatty acids from Axel Plastics Research Laboratories improves the SMR performance of TPO as well as PP and other polyolefins. Tegomer AntiScratch 100, an organic-modified siloxane-based SMR additive from Evonik Industries enhances the scratch resistance of PP/talc compounds used in automotive for dashboards, interior door panels, and bumpers. Antistatic additives are incorporated within the polymer matrix to make a plastic surface less susceptible to the accumulation of electrostatic charges, thus minimizing fine dirt or dust to the plastic surface and static discharge that might damage electronic devices. DuPont’s Entira Antistat (Entira AS) provides antistatic performance to a variety of polymers in food-contact and non-food contact applications. Two new high performance grades of Pebax polyether block amide copolymers by Arkema extended the company’s range of permanent antistatic additives used in applications such as packaging for sensitive electronics or flammable/explosive materials, where these additives prevent electrostatic discharge and dust attraction. Friction and wear are intricate subjects and are highly dependent on the loading application/conditions. A new family of all-polymeric wear additive (APWA) compounds by RTP Company offers excellent plastic on plastic wear resistance. Fluorolink by Solvay Solexis is a line of proprietary reactive monomers based on bifunctional perfluoropolyether (PFPE) intended for polymer surface friction modification.

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