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Antimicrobial additive systems see increased use in polymers

SpecialChem / Jan 29, 2002

Interest in antimicrobial plastic products continues to grow, particularly in the medical and food industry sectors. The use of these products is supported by growing evidence from a number of studies that everyday objects can support and spread bacteria. Research carried out by the University of Arizona found potentially pathogenic bacteria on swabs taken from telephones, pens, counters and chair armrests, for example. This research also showed that hand contact with contaminated objects rapidly transferred bacteria to a range of other objects as well as to individuals' face and lips, which could potentially lead to infection. Microorganisms are omnipresent but certain environments relate to higher exposure risks for humans. As can be seen from the Arizona and other studies, home, work and other communal environments may present central transfer sites for many pathogenic organisms. These studies and reports make clear the importance of regularly washing hands and keeping areas disinfected.

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