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Clarifying agents extend scope for polypropylene in packaging

SpecialChem / Jun 5, 2001

Clarified polypropylene has seen rapid growth in many applications throughout the world. Primarily produced by injection moulding, these parts find uses in houseware, storage containers, video boxes and disposable medical syringes. This article looks at how developments at Milliken Chemical have not only improved the potential for polypropylene in this area, but has extended its use into new processing technologies. The use of clarifying agents has significantly increased potential applications for polypropylene in packaging. Although a versatile and cost efficient plastic material, the inherent haziness of polypropylene restricted its usefulness. Polypropylene normally crystallizes slowly into relatively large crystals known as spherulites. These are larger than the wavelength of visible light and reflect light; reducing clarity and increasing haze in the material. However, the development of clarifying agents in the 1980s has helped increase its appeal to consumers and its usefulness through improved transparency.

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