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Comprehensive Analysis and Quality Control with Polymer and Additive Analysis

SpecialChem / Jan 24, 2007

As soon as the reason of a compensation claim has to be investigated, masterbatches or compounds are analysed with extensive efforts. The same is true for the deformulation of competition products. Why the necessity of complex investigation strategies? Typically, the components of a formulation are not at all or not completely known. However, it has to be safeguarded with the highest possible probability that all components are determined both qualitatively and quantitatively. Here it is of major importance to separate molecules of various molecular weights and chemical structures. Typically, one or more polymers and a complete additive formulation package has to be determined. Special challenges occur for the analysis as soon as different polymers of similar molecular weights (e.g. blends) and additives of similar chemical structure have to be separated. The different oxidation, hydrolysis and decomposition products of the additives are a good example for this. Typically, each and every component has to be clearly identified.

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