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Cutting Edge Global CFRP Market Development on the Rise

SpecialChem / Apr 14, 2011

Carbon fibers are the predominant high strength, high modulus fiber type used in the manufacturing of advanced composite products. Carbon fiber composite global demand was roughly US$11B in 2010, which will be US$14B by 2012, and is projected at US$19B by 2015, thus experiencing an average annual growth rate of 8%. Core carbon fiber composite strengths center on high performance, low weight, and excellent strength characteristics. The world's first mass production technology for molding carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) has been developed by Teijin Ltd. Teijin has developed an electric-vehicle concept car featuring a cabin frame made entirely from thermoplastic CFRP and weighing only 47kg, or 1/5th the weight of a conventional automobile cabin frame. Endolign produced by Invibio Ltd. is a biocompatible composite of continuous carbon fibers in a PEEK-Optima polymer matrix for use in load bearing medical implants. NMB Medical Applications Ltd.'s innovative intramedullary interlocking nail is made from Invibio's Endolign PEEK Optima carbon fiber composite. With increasing wind generating capacity, the trend by Vestas Wind Energy is towards bigger and lighter blades. As blades increased in size, blade designers have substituted stronger, more durable epoxy systems with glass and carbon fiber for the earlier thermoset polyester glass fiber materials. AltusGroup has commercialized its CarbonCast High Performance Insulated Wall Panels with a high strength carbon fiber grid and a low thermal conductivity resulting in major energy savings. Imperial College London researchers are developing a woven carbon fiber material that can store and release energy much faster than lithium-ion batteries for auto, industrial, defense, and electronic use...

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