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Electro-Conductive Polymers in Smart Textiles

SpecialChem / Sep 16, 2008

Smart/interactive textiles (SMITs) are a new type of textile technology. Conductive polymers are playing an important role as conductive fibers in the development of these smart textiles for a broad range of applications. In the future, cloth or fabrics will not only protect the wearer and the environment, but also will have intelligent built-in features, such as multifunctional sensors or computing devices.Although the application of electrotextiles or smart textiles is still in its infancy, it is envisioned that in the future, they will have a broad impact on the market for protective clothing, medical textiles and other textile products and applications. SMITs are able to sense electrical, thermal, chemical, magnetic or other stimuli from the environment and adapt or respond to them, using functionalities integrated into the textile structure. To date, the U.S. military has been the leader in developing SMIT technologies and applications for such areas as body armor, artificial muscles.

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