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Environmental and recycling issues for plastics and additives

SpecialChem / Sep 16, 2003

Attitudes and regulations regarding environmental issues and recycling of plastics vary considerably around the world. This article is a review of some of the current trends for Plastics Additives & Compounding. Recycling issues While recycling in the U.S. is generally voluntary and economically driven, Europe and Asia have regulated plastics' recycling. The trend in Europe and Asia is towards increasing producer responsibility for the end-of-life outcome of their products. Regulations are expected to drive innovation and create markets for recycled material, leading to growth for additives used in recycled plastics. The European Union's packaging waste directive mandates packaging recovery and source reduction, in addition to limits on heavy metals. Amendments to the packaging waste directive, which was introduced 10 years ago, are currently being considered and may be completed by the end of the year. Other European Union directives mandate electronic and automotive recycling.

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