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Journey through Rodent Resistant Options in Dielectric Cables

SpecialChem / May 4, 2009

Utilization of optical fiber cables in metro as well as long-haul networks is increasing exponentially. Duct & Direct-Buried cables has always been the mainstay for all OSP applications. Rodent attacks have been a major cause for heavy maintenance cost of such networks. To make them rodent proof, service providers are not always able to choose the Steel Armored cable solution due to the disadvantages of stiffness, higher diameter, higher weight, and also difficulty in installation - especially as fiber proceeds from the Long-Haul rings to the last mile giving rise to the requirement for dielectric options. Application of the glass roving tape over the core minimizes the chances of exposure of the inner core and instead, enhances the impact / crush resistive properties. Along with an additional protection in the form of a repellent additive make it very special and robust solution from rodent protection point of view.

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