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New ATH developments drive flame retardant cable compounding

SpecialChem / Feb 3, 2003

Over the past 15 years, halogen free, fire retardant cable systems have gained a large market volume. Systems fulfilling the European norm IEC 60332-3 have become an acceptable part of cable makers technology. Developments in the raw materials field, in compound formulation and polymer processing techniques have led to significant reductions in the production costs of compounds and cables. The development of raw materials, leading to improved compound properties is an ongoing process. Cost reductions of existing compound formulations and cable systems as well as the development of new cable systems showing the highest levels of fire security is the driving force. Dr. Reiner Sauerwein of Nabaltec GmbH describes recent developments in the area of fine precipitated aluminium hydroxide/alumina trihydrate - the most important flame retardant filler used to produce fire retardant cable systems.Halogen-free flame retardant compounds used in the cable and wire industry for cable sheathing as well as for wire insulation are commonly considered as Low Smoke, Free of Halogen (LSFOH) compounds.

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