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New carbon blacks offer electrostatic discharge & improved mechanical properties

SpecialChem / Apr 8, 2003

Traditional carbon blacks can impart conductivity to plastic resins but often result in loss of physical properties. Plastics Additives & Compounding reports on investigations undertaken by Cabot Corporation on the complex interaction between the dispersed carbon black particles and the polymeric phase(s). The company asserts that an understanding of this interaction in the light of the competing mechanical properties - impact strength resistance and stiffness - has spurred the development of new conductive blacks. These materials are claimed to eliminate this traditional trade-off and are especially useful in formulating conductive plastic compounds for electrostatic discharge applications. Conductive plastic substrates have become increasingly important components of new sophisticated technologies in electronic, medical, communication, military and other markets. Their functions range from preventing interference with radio and TV communication signals to protecting electronic devices from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and electrostatic charge accumulation.

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