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Nucleation of Polypropylene

SpecialChem / Nov 27, 2000

Isotactic Polypropylene (iPP) is a semi-crystalline polymer characterized by an excellent ratio performance/price, making it very attractive in a wide range of applications like automotive, appliances, piping, packaging, etc. Progresses on catalysis and polymerization technology allow today an excellent control of performances and processability by adjustment of tacticity, molecular weight or incorporation of other monomers like ethylene, butene or hexene. Isotactic Polypropylene was discovered by G. Natta in the '50s. Spheripol technology developped in 1988 allows today production of polypropylene with isotacticity index higher than 97%. Recent developments in Metallocene catalysis allow to reach almost 100% of isotacticity index. Isotacticity index is directly linked to the degree of crystallinity which have a major impact on polymer performances. Isotacticity increases crystallization kinetics, flexural modulus, hardness and transparency. Isotacticity decreases impact resistance and permeability. Compares properties of 2 polypropylenes homopolymers having a different isotacticity index. (MFI = 45 gr/10 min).

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