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One-pack systems continue to gain market share

SpecialChem / Dec 18, 2000

The development of one-pack additive formulations that are easier to handle and mix, as well as providing greater safety, is a major trend in the industry. Mark Holmes discusses recent developments with some leading additive manufacturers. The use of one-pack additive systems originated in the PVC industry. Because of its structure, PVC is susceptible to degradation by thermal or thermo-mechanical effects due to temperature and mechanical strains during processing and weathering or other environmental considerations during the use of the product. Stabilizers and lubricants are required to prevent this degradation. Akcros Chemicals first pioneered one-pack PVC stabilizer systems for the cable industry around 30 years ago. Stabilizer systems for window profiles and pipes followed. There has been widespread take up of one-pack systems by PVC processors since, such that Akcros now estimates that 70-80% of sales of stabilizers for PVC are one-pack systems. For PVC, stabilizers and lubricants are added to prevent thermal breakdown and sticking at the hot metal surface during extrusion where processing temperatures of 180-195C are reached.

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