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Peroxide Crosslinking of Unsaturated Polyesters

SpecialChem / Sep 1, 2004

Certain mixtures can be explosive and it is necessary to take care (see Safety subchapter) to respect the addition order of the various ingredients defined by the suppliers of these ingredients and to respect storage instructions. Peroxide choice must be made according to: * The temperature of hardening defined by the possibilities of heating, the materials and the design of the moulds, the size and thickness of the part to be manufactured. For cold hardening it is possible to post cure the parts at temperatures up to 80°C for example. * The time of curing defined by the recipe (peroxide, accelerator, inhibitor…), the curing temperature, the size and thickness of the part to be manufactured. The shorter it is, the cheaper the processing. * The time of processing before hardening, or pot-life, allowing the shaping of the part to be manufactured. Pot-life, curing temperature and kinetic are linked. Too long a pot-life leads to high curing time, high cycle times and expensive processing costs. Too short a pot-life leads to high level of wastes and expensive processing costs.

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