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Plastics Nanocomposites Technology and Trends

SpecialChem / Feb 6, 2007

Not since the discovery of the silicon chip has there been this much excitement in the field of physics and material sciences. Innumerable universities have established nanocenters with many receiving industrial funding/sponsorship with a large number of these spawning nanomaterial related entrepreneurial businesses spun out as the fruits of academic research. Private industry and governments around the world are investing billions of dollars, rushing to exploit the small world that has been defined as materials under 100 nanometers in size, a nanometer being just one billionth of a meter. Polymer nanocomposites are formed from blends of nanometer sized fillers with either thermoset or thermoplastic polymers. The properties of polymer nanocomposites are remarkably different from those of conventional materials. These altered properties include improved strength, toughness, heat distortion temperature. One of the keys Feynman saw, to discovery and development at the nanoscale was "to improve the electron microscope by a hundred times."

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