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Plastics recycling II – Regulation boosting

SpecialChem / Feb 22, 2006

The plastic recycling is difficult, expensive and not very exciting from economical and technical points of view. However, the enormous weight of plastic wastes, perhaps 80 million tonnes generated each year, oblige to act for their recovery to decrease this unbearable pollution. States and communities continuously enact laws, directives, regulations, amendments, recommendations to incite or oblige producers, manufacturers and other various actors to increase the amounts of recovered or recycled plastic wastes. The rules concern, for example, the levels of plastic wastes to be recovered each year, the design features favouring repair, reuse, dismantling and recycling; the health and safety precautions. Economical interest of recovery is, generally speaking, insufficient to power up growing of recycling and recovery. Worldwide, international, national and even local laws, directives, regulations and so on are edited to force producers, manufacturers, consumers and other actors to ease and oblige the recovery of all materials and parts, devices or goods.

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