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Polymers and odours

SpecialChem / Mar 10, 2004

Anybody knows the unpleasant odours of "rubber" or "plastic" of certain usual articles such as vinyl sheets for interiors of cars, polyurethane foams, raincoats, gloves… But there are also inverse facts as the leather perfume of vinyl sheets for wallets, portfolios and so on. To begin with this subject what are these odours? What are odours? Odour is a subjective perception of a chemical species by each human (or animal) nose. For the same chemical at the same concentration, everybody has not the same idea of the odour that can be pleasant, unpleasant, neutral, too intense or indifferent. We can see the variety of the formulas, for the fragrances only, with alcohols, dioxane, ketones, hydrocarbons, mercaptans etc. Human noses sniffs odours but don't meter them. Analysis systems cannot sniff the odours but can identify and meter chemical species. The "Human nose panel" can be constituted of seven or more workers or external people that have previously confirm olfactory sensitivity. The odours can be qualified according to: * Subjective opinions such as unpleasant, metallic, acid, suffocating, fresh… * Precise smell such as citronella, mint, jasmine, leather…

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