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Post Consumer Recycling, Open or Closed Loop: Bottle-to-Bottle or What-Else?

SpecialChem / Jul 27, 2009

Wastes are an industrial feature inclining us to consider them as a mine needing new mining techniques and an adaptation of designing, processing, recycling and reuse. Several ways are conceivable for the recycling method on the one hand and for the reuse on the other hand. For example, chemical ways can give satisfying technical results, but the carbon footprint is not the best. Mechanical routes save energy but performances are sometimes disappointing. Reuse in less sophisticated parts leads, in the long term, to an impasse for the less demanding applications. Modelling displays the essential role of upgrading to succeed in long term recycling, the other keys being a smart design facilitating sorting of waste streams and a careful processing optimising the properties. Already, some closed loop examples are on the rails or are developing. A crude oil cost soaring could allow an increase of recyclate costs and open the way to more performing and more expensive recycling methods improving the purity and the properties of recyclates.

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