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PVC and environment

SpecialChem / Jun 11, 2001

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), the second world-wide plastic material, which finds widespread use in transport, building, packaging, electrical/electronic and healthcare applications, has been under attack through environmental assertions. In Europe, several significant actions have been related. Historically, according to environmentalists, chlorine is the element that gives, more than any other element, a lot of unnatural materials that are dangerous for human beings and nature. Moreover, an article in a biological gardener association's magazine about PVC described how dangerous this material was for human beings and environment. A lack of knowledge (scientific knowledge based on complete studies) did not allow to comment these assertions. This was the starting point of the anti-PVC crusade. The most intense campaigns were reported in Scandinavia and Germanic Europe. A great amount of reports, letters, books... were written down in order to prove or disprove that PVC is a hazard to human being and wildlife'. This led to create deep troubles in minds of several Authorities all over the world.

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