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Renewable Additives and Polymers

SpecialChem / Jul 29, 2008

Mother nature is a sophisticated plant producing by photosynthesis, plants feeding human and animals (see Figure 'Photosynthesis'). This idyllic picture conceals some details such as the roles of the nutriments coming from the land, diseases, insect damages, climate variations etc. In fact, it is necessary to help the nature and to add labour, energy, fertilizers, water, insecticides… Nevertheless that is an efficient plant producing each year, directly or after physical and chemical treatments: 1. Cereals: about 2 billion tons 2. Ethanol: 50 million tons 3. Natural rubber: 9 million tons For comparison, consumption of industrial polymers is around 200 million tonnes. These plants, animals and their wastes constitute the Biomass that is to say the living and recently dead biological materials that can be used, among other things, for industrial production.The biomass is continuously renewing thanks to grown plant and animal matters and their by-products or wastes can be used for production of fibers and chemicals.

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