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Selecting peroxides for crosslinking

SpecialChem / May 27, 2002

1. Peroxide curing: Which polymers? The following polymers can be cured with peroxides: - EP(D)M, natural and synthetic polyisoprene (NR, IR), polybutadiene (BR), SBR, EVA. - Polyethylene (PE) and TPE as SBS, SIS. - Nitrile (NBR), hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR), chlorinated polyethylene (CM or CPE), chloroprene (CR), polyurethane (PUR), chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSM), polyacrylate (ACM), silicone. The following polymers cannot be cured with peroxides: - Butyl (IIR), chlorobutyl (CIIR), polyisobutylene, epichlorhydrin (CO). - Polypropylene (PP). 2. Peroxide curing: why? or why not? Some reasons of the choice or the rejection of the peroxides to cure the rubber compounds are listed. For more detailed information (mode of action, basic mechanisms..) on the crosslinking of rubbers, please visit our Solutions with Organic Peroxides - Crosslinking Agents According to P.R. DLUZNESKI , the table 2 shows some properties of an EPDM cured with two peroxides or sulfur. We can observe the excellent ageing of the peroxide cured vulcanizates.

1 Comments on "Selecting peroxides for crosslinking"
Marco C Jun 1, 2018
The article is a very good tool to whom that still have doubts and is afraid to move and try peroxides vs sulfur crosslinking. All the most important factors related to peroxide selection were well described and explained. However, the article should be implemented by adding the recommendation to use coagents, describing the differeces between type 1 and type 2 coagents, since the addition of them affect the crosslinking efficiency and may interffere in the scorch, but will improve crosslink density, resulting in improved mechanical and chemical properties. Summarizing, even I am pointing the coagent subject absense in the article, it is still a very good tool for initiants.

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