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Silanes and their Use with Boron Nitride Powders

SpecialChem / Donald McNally – Jan 3, 2014

Silanes are very reactive and have many industrial and medical applications. Perhaps the most common use for functionalized silanes is as coupling agents for glass and carbon fibers and other reinforcements or fillers in various polymer matrices. Silanes have also been used to couple bio-inert layers on titanium implants, formulate water repellents, provide masonry protection, control graffiti and so on, such that major suppliers list more than two dozen different application areas for these materials.

Momentive Performance Materials Inc., headquartered in Waterford, New York is not only the world’s largest BN manufacturer, but is also a major supplier of silanes and siloxanes for a wide range of applications including polymer compounding. The synergy between Momentive’s unique in-house expertise in both silanes and boron nitride enables them to recommend the optimal silane for use with BN in a broad range of thermoplastic resins.

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