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Solar Heat and IR Management Pigment Solutions

SpecialChem / Jun 11, 2009

Pigments are powdered materials that provide color by absorbing or reflecting different parts of the sun's visible light spectrum. They also have independent, distinctive IR reflective characteristics. Pigments that exhibit high IR-reflectivity for a given visible color are deemed to be 'cool' while pigments with high IR absorption are 'hot.' 'Cool' pigments can be compounded into plastic resin to counteract solar heat buildup. This ability to stay cool offers a range of benefits. Cooler products have a longer product life. Heat accelerates the chemical reactions responsible for the degradation of plastic product properties. High performance LEDs, used in front headlights, consume less energy than conventional lighting systems; however, the heat generated by these lighting systems must still be managed. The solar heat buildup of dark colored construction elements can be cut in half using NIR transparent black pigments.

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