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Titanates and zirconates as polymer additives

SpecialChem / Dec 22, 2004

Titanates and zirconates are versatile species used as polymer additives to: * Enhance coupling of polymers and incompatible o Fillers, o Fibres, o Fire retardants, o Conductors… * Make polymers antistatic * Make polymers curable. Outside the framework of this paper, they also have applications as polymerisation catalysts. Their industrial development is slowed down by a high or very high cost. X are alkoxy groups Y are organofunctional groups. Alkoxy groups have a more or less long chain, for example ethyl, propyl, butyl… Organofunctional groups can be, for example: * Phosphato, * Benzene sulfonato, * Phenolato, * Amino, * Carboxylic acids, esters or salts. This diversity allows an independent control of: * The organophilic properties by adjustment of lengths and structures of the organic groups. * The hydrophilic properties by selecting the chemical nature of the organofunctional groups. The versatility of the chemical structure as seen in table 1 leads to a multitude of applications that are arbitrarily.

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