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What's New in Value Added Packaging Additive Solutions

SpecialChem / Mar 22, 2010

Plastic packaging is used to protect and preserve food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, homecare products, electronic components, other retail items, and medical devices and can be in the form of sheets, films, bottles or expanded foams. Special additives are used for specific purposes to enhance the product contained in the plastic package through such things as extending product shelf life by protecting against the effects of moisture or oxygen or increasing product appeal through the use of fragrance additives or deodorants. Nano-composite technology is being applied to the production of films to create advanced barrier properties. Such additives have been commercialized in nylon films such as Imperm developed by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical and Nanocor to create improved gas barrier properties while reducing the volume of material in the package and simplifying recycling. GardIn Fresh’s FreshExtend nanotechnology uses a silver coated nanoparticle additive to retard food spoilage. Süd-Chemie combines desiccant and polymer to provide moisture protection in a single advanced desiccant polymer (ADP) unit. With this technology, precise amounts of desiccant such as molecular sieve or silica gel can be compounded with a broad range of polymer resins to be injection molded into desiccant packages such as tubes, cups, closures and hinged boxes to form cost efficient, rigid packaging with built-in moisture protection. ScentSational Technologies, which develops/licenses olfaction packaging technologies, has introduced CompelAroma which uses 'Encapsulated Aroma Release' technology to add particularly engineered food grade flavors to a plastic packaging structure to enhance a product's aroma profile.

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