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BASF Antioxidant Irgastab® IS 4188 L Provides Long Term Stability to ABS Resin

Brochure | Supplied by BASF

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is the largest thermoplastic resin in the world. It offers an excellent balance of heat, chemical, and impact resistance with superior processing versatility to ABS articles.

The double bond in butadiene phase is easily attacked by heat, shearing, and impurities. It leads to degrading the mechanical properties of ABS and resin discoloration. Irgastab® IS 4188 L is an emulsion type of antioxidant blend to be used during emulsion polymerization ABS coagulation for protecting HRG-ABS (high-rubber-grafted ABS) in the drying process.

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