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Got a minute? Do you know what a non-dog is?

Brochure | Supplied by ExxonMobil

Ask to be told the truth and stop people from using buzz words like ‘non-phthalates’ or ‘phthalate-free.’ Calling tere-phthalates non-phthalates is not scientifically correct.

DOTP and DEHT are low molecular weight tere-phthalates, made from the same alcohol (2-ethyl hexanol) as DEHP or DOP and exhibit the same molecular weight and density.

‘Non-phthalate’ and ‘phthalate-free’ are inaccurately used. They could cover many substances, which may or may not have the required test data, and which may or may not have been evaluated by regulators. Would you ever call a cat a non-dog or a ‘dog-free’ cat?

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