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Choosing the Best Process Oil Chemistry for EPDM Roofing Membranes

Case Study | Supplied by Ergon

EPDM is compatible in large amounts with Bright Stock process oils due to the shared low polarity of both the polymer and process oil. Historically, Paraffinic Bright Stocks have been the plasticizer of choice for manufacturers of roofing membranes. HyPrene is the process oil brand of Ergon Refining, Inc. which produces genuine naphthenic and paraffinic oils through distillation of virgin crude followed by a modern, high pressure, severe hydrotreating process.

HyPrene bright stocks offer significant advantages over the industry-standard paraffinic bright stock. HyPrene V175BS improves cure time, heat aged tensile strength and modulus properties. It also enhances tear resistance before and after heat aging. HyPrene P150BS shows the best extrudability and puncture resistance. HyPrene P150BS and HyPrene V175BS are attractive alternatives to the industry standard paraffinic bright stock for roofing applications.

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