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Reducing NIAS in polyolefin food packaging by using higher performant AO

Tech Paper | Supplied by BASF

Antioxidants (AOs) are used in polyolefins to stabilize polymers against the processing and thermal stress. It is known that the use of primary and secondary antioxidants, such as hindered phenol and phosphite, together has a synergistic effect and allows for a better process stabilization with less total amount of additives required.

The demand of the polyolefin industry however, is to achieve good and even better results with less additives in use. Some reasons behind this are objective, such as additives’ compatibility, stricter regulatory requirements, etc. And some are subjective, particularly in the food packaging applications where customers’ perception plays an important role. Particularly the migration of the additives and their degradation products, non-intentionally added substances (NIAS), will remain an important topic for the whole plastic industry, from raw materials to final packaging producers over the next years.

With the present study, we demonstrate some of the solutions to stabilize polyolefins with less additives in use. Additionally, the results of the migration study show what these changes mean for the migration of additives and NIAS.

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