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AddWorks® ATR 146, Clariant’s New Light & Heat Stabilizer

This is a Past Webinar
Plastics for the automotive industry have to fulfil more and more stringent requirements. Many challenges have to be overcome in automotive interiors, especially for polypropylene based filled compounds (TPO), representing about 50% of the plastics in vehicle interiors. Among those is to combine heat and light stabilization with low emissions and low odor impact.

TPO compounds are emitting volatile organic compounds (VOC) that could bring an unhealthy cabin environment, they usually require higher concentration of phenolic antioxidant or addition of sulfur-based co-stabilizer for stabilization against heat exposure, these compounds can cause undesirable odors.

AddWorks® ATR 146 is Clariant’s new low dosage, sulfur-free stabilizer solution for filled TPO compounds used in automotive interior. It offers outstanding light protection, exceptional heat stability, and reduced VOC/odor emissions in one single solution, fulfilling current OEM requirements and setting the benchmark for the next generation of automotive interiors.

Emilie Meddah Presented By:
Emilie Meddah

Length: 22 min

Why should you view this webinar?

During this seminar, you will be able to learn more about
AddWorks® ATR 146 and the main benefits to the current and future filled polypropylene compounds. Some testing results on
AddWorks® ATR 146 performances in comparison with current best alternative on the market will be shared according the following OEM’s standards:

  • Light stability (PV 1303)
  • Heat stability (1000 hours at 150°C)
  • Emissions (VDA 277)

Who should view this webinar?

  • Masterbatcher / Compounders
  • Automotive OEM Material Specialist
  • R&D personnel such as Chemists, Product Development Engineers
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Emilie Meddah Technical Marketing Manager for Performance Additives - Clariant

Emilie Meddah Emilie Meddah is Technical Marketing Manager for Performance Additives at Clariant’s Business Unit Additives and is based in North America. Emilie joined Clariant in 2007, worked in different positions in Marketing and Technical Support in Europe. In 2015, she relocated to the USA to support the business in North America, while being globally responsible for new developments in automotive plastics applications. Emilie holds two Master Degrees, one in Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry and the other in Chemical Engineering, from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Mulhouse (France).

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