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Breakthrough for Polyethylene Producers: New Polymer Processing Aids Suitable for Lamination and Surface Protection

This is a Past Webinar

Breakthrough for Polyethylene Producers: New Polymer Processing Aids Suitable for Lamination and Surface Protection

During this WebSeminar, our speakers, Michel Grangette and Baudouin Sencie, will explain how to overcome low productivity and quality of Polyethylene, due to:


  • Too much gels and optical defects due to hair angels on the pellets (melt fracture effect)
  • Low bulk density due to irregular pellet shape (melt fracture effect)
  • Difficulty to compound PE grades with high molecular weight and with narrow distributions (gels, melt fracture, die build-up...)

Discover the difference with Daikin's PPA


Presented By:
Baudouin Sencie
Michel Grangette

Length: 90 min

Why should you view this webinar?

Discover what Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) bring:
  • solution even for the most demanding applications such as
  • lamination or surface protection
  • optimized logistics cost
  • right balance between processing ability and performances
  • increased output while keeping the same quality

Michel Grangette and Baudouin Sencie, our experts in PPA, will explain how these Polymer Process aids (PPA) achieve these benefits. You will discover several tests that demonstrate the unequalled and unique performances achieved with these new PPA.

This presentation is dedicated to PE (linear, metallocene) resin producers, especially for lamination and surface protection.

Who should view this webinar?

This webinar will be useful for:

  • PE resins producers
  • Converters
  • Masterbatchers

Working in the following applications:

  • Films
  • Tubes
  • Pipes

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Baudouin Sencie Business Manager Plastic Additives Europe - Daikin Chemical Europe

Baudouin Sencie worked for about 15 years in the Basell Group (Ex-Shell, Montell...). He was specialized in polyolefin, especially PE and PP films

Then, for 6 years, he was Plastic additives business development manager for the Northen Europe at Dyneon. He became technical marketing HDPE at Sabic Europe for 2 years. 

He was in charge of the pipe and industrial containers business. He joined Daikin Chemical in 2010 abusiness manager for plastics additives for the whole Europe.

Michel Grangette Global Business Manager Plastic Additives - Daikin Chemical Europe

Michel Grangette got his degree as a scientist engineer in HEI (Lille, France) in 1981. He spent several in the PE business (Exxon, Shell) and the polyolefin compounds (cousin Tessier).

He became business development manager in a company of the Nestlé Group that produces PE films, where he patented 3 topics: high clarity film, film déchirable haute clareté, and PP retractable film.

For 10 years, Michel Grangette was business development manager for South Europe at Dyneon.

He started in 2007 in Daikin Chemical in the development laboratory, and patented the new DA910. Today, Michel is the Daikin's global business manager plastic additives.

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