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New Polycaprolactone Polyols for Soft Polyurethane Applications

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This is a Past Webinar

The flexibility of polycaprolactone chemistry allows access to a wide range of polyol products with targeted performance characteristics.
In this webinar, Ingevity launches its new range of premium polycaprolactone products for soft polyurethane (PU) applications.

The Capa® S series allows plasticizer-free soft PUs to be produced that remain soft throughout the lifetime of finished articles. This technology allows the cost-effective production of thermoplastic parts for use in applications including wearable devices and luxury car interiors that could only be made using premium thermosets such as fluoroelastomers and silicone elastomers.

Done specialization in polyurethane elastomers Presented By:
Dr. Scott Phillips

Length: 32 min

Why should you view this webinar?

  • Tuning polycaprolactone chemistry for desired material performance
  • Novel polycaprolactone diols for soft polyurethane applications
  • Sustainable innovation using polycaprolactone technology

Who should view this webinar?

  • Polyurethane Producers (TPU, Hot Cast Prepolymer Producers, PUDs)
  • PU System Houses
  • Isocyanate Producers
  • Injection Moulders / End part Manufacturers
  • Brand Owners
  • Additive Manufacturers
  • Compounders
  • Sustainability Personnel
  • Masterbatch Houses / Formulators

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Dr. Scott Phillips Technical Market Development Manager - Ingevity

Done specialization in polyurethane elastomers Scott is a technical market development manager specializing in polyurethane elastomers. His background is in both foamed and elastomeric PU materials, as well as polymer stabilization and catalyst technology. Since joining the Capa business, Scott has established the PU Elastomers Application Lab in the U.K. and his work is focused on demonstrating the value of Ingevity products along with developing new, innovative polycaprolactone materials. Scott holds a doctorate in chemistry from the University of St. Andrews and has been working in the Capa business for five years.

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