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SAFR®: The way to more sustainable Fire Safety solutions

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This is a Past Webinar
Flame retardants enable inherently flammable materials to meet rigorous fire safety standards. From everyday electronics to airplane plastics and cinema seating, flame retarded materials are an essential part of safe modern living. Nevertheless, fire safety should not compromise safety for human health and the environment: this is where the SAFR® framework goes the extra mile.
With ICL’s purpose of going where needs take us, we set ourselves a challenge: could an easy to follow system be introduced for flame retardants to reward best in class based on performance, inherent properties and low potential human and environmental exposure during use? As a result, we developed SAFR® - a systematic assessment tool for guiding designers towards the right flame retardant for a given use. We believe SAFR® is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of product manufacturers, and can provide both a simple and science-based framework that goes beyond regulatory and compliance driven selections.
SAFR® outcomes reflect the sustainability profile of individual flame retardants based on their use in a given product. Building on accepted hazard criteria, SAFR® assesses the extent to which hazards translate into potential risks due to possible exposure to humans and/or the environment during a product’s service life. In the exposure assessment, SAFR® drives users to consider also exposure pathways as measured by blooming, leaching or volatilization. Combining both considerations allows for more complete understanding of flame retardant choice.

Dr. Admon Presented By:
Dr. Admon

Length: 32 min

Why should you view this webinar?

Using SAFR® in the product design phase can contribute to your business by:
  • Long term planning:
    • Making decisions with a science-based methodology.
    • Long term availability with low exposure and low risk application
  • Cost savings: Preventing need for future reformulation
  • Value chain: Empowering your value chain with a science based methodology
  • Enhancing your position as a responsible company

Who should view this webinar?

  • Additives and chemicals procurement management
  • Regulatory and compliance stewardship staff
  • R&D researchers, chemists, formulations' specialists
  • Marketing technical service and technical sales people
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Dr. Admon Product Stewardship Manager - ICL-Industrial Products

Dr. Admon Dr. Admon earned a MSc degree in Biology from the Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Israel, and a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. She specialized in environmental fate of Chemicals and joined ICL (Israel Chemicals Ltd) in 2002. In her current role, she is the Product Stewardship Manager of ICL-Industrial Products. She is a member of the team that developed the SAFR® and is overviewing its implementation.

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