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Rhenogran® DPTT 70

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Lanxess

Rhenogran® DPTT 70 by Lanxess is a composition of 70% dipentamethylene thiuram tetrasulphide and 30% elastomer binder and dispersing agents. Acts as an ultra accelerator for very rapid and scorch-safe vulcanization of natural and sythetic rubbers and sulfur donor for vulcanization with low or no free sulfur along with good processing safety. In combination with other mercapto- or sulphenamide-type-accelerators, Rhenogran DPTT-70 is acting as activating secondary accelerator. In lower dosage, Rhenogran DPTT-70 is also used in conjunction with other thiuramaccelerators. Sulfur-less cure or low-sulfur vulcanization provide heat resistant vulcanizates with good aging properties. Application of Rhenogran® DPTT 70 include all heat resistant technical articles, e.g. hoses, seals and gaskets especially based on EPDM or IIR.

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Rhenogran® DPTT 70 Properties


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