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Japan Chemical Daily Partners with SpecialChem to Provide Universal Selector™ to Its Users

Published on 2020-01-27. Author : SpecialChem

Japan Chemical Daily users can now search, compare, and select from more than 360,000 materials & ingredients in SpecialChem’s Universal Selector™ databases.

PARIS, FRANCE, and TOKYO, JAPAN, JANUARY 27, 2020: SpecialChem, the material selection platform announced today its collaboration with Chemical Daily, Japan’s leading chemical industry publisher. The collaboration will enable the users of Chemical Daily’s website to access SpecialChem’s Universal Selector™ databases, dedicated to the Cosmetics ingredients, Coatings ingredients, Adhesives ingredients, Plastic Additives and Materials.

image-chemical-daily-1The Universal Selector™, which gathers more than 360,000 datasheets, will be accessible on Japan Chemical Daily website in English language (https://www.chemicaldaily.co.jp/database/) starting January 20, 2020.

Teaming up with SpecialChem is an exciting development for our users,” says Mr. Osamu Odajima, Chemical Daily, President. “SpecialChem has done a great job in collecting, standardizing and offering easy access to hundreds of thousands of materials and ingredients in the last decade. Offering access to their Universal Selector™ dedicated to the plastics, cosmetics, coatings and adhesives industry, will deepen the content we propose to our dedicated users and enrich their experience further,” added Mr. Odajima.

"Our goal is to simplify the material exploration and screening process for formulators and material specifiers by providing them easy access to the Universal Selector™, the most exhaustive databases of materials and ingredients,“ says Christophe Cabarry, SpecialChem’s founder and CEO. “We are very excited by this partnership with The Chemical Daily. They are a prominent partner in Japan for the chemical industry. Together, we will add value for users of The Chemical Daily website and extend the reach of the Universal Selector™ to benefit the entire chemical industry in and around Japan," added Mr. Cabarry.

Benefits of the Universal Selectors include:

  • Exhaustivity: More than 5K suppliers from all over the world
  • Access to more than 360,000 materials & ingredients datasheets and literature
  • Ability to reach out to suppliers and ask for samples in few clicks
  • Multi-facet searchability: Complex searches with more than 12 search dimensions for richer and more detailed product selection
  • New product launches: product datasheets are added as soon as they are launched
  • Data accuracy & Freshness: thanks to permanent crowd-sourced feedback from users

About SpecialChem

SpecialChem is the material selection platform for the chemical industry. Since the year 2000, SpecialChem provides technical websites dedicated to some of the largest downstream markets for the chemical industry including Polymer Additives, Plastics & Elastomers, Paints, Coatings & Inks, Adhesives & Sealants, and Cosmetics & Personal Care. Each of these websites offers a Universal Selector™ database aimed at providing technical data on every material or ingredient in the world, to search, analyze and compare them, as well as the knowledge to select thanks to expert-curated content such as selection guides, formulation guides, and video tutorials.

Their 500,000+ registered members are comprised of engineers, formulators, product developers, marketers, applicators and brand owners across the globe, building the world’s largest online network dedicated to chemicals and materials. This profiled network, combined with more than 3 million visitors per year, are unique assets for SpecialChem to offer chemicals and materials suppliers both strategic marketing services to explore new markets and validate new products and digital marketing solutions to raise awareness, educate a market, or engage new customers. For more information, visit www.specialchem.com.


Kagaku Kogyo Nippo, also known under its English name of The Chemical Daily, is a daily industry trade newspaper covering the chemical industry in Japanese language. Published since 1936, the print edition reaches over 100,000 readers per day. This makes it one of the largest publications dedicated to the chemical industry worldwide. The newspaper comprehensively covers the industry from basic chemicals to specialty chemicals and has extended its reach to chemical-related fields such as electronic materials, automotive materials, life sciences and water treatment. All of those are Japanese fortes and regarded as cutting-edge industries to take us into the next generation.

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Source: SpecialChem
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