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SUKANO® Mobility Aid Solution is an additive masterbatch designed to improve production efficiency in Injection Stretch Blow Molded (ISBM) PET bottles. It helps maintain clarity, keeps PET... view more
  • PET
  • Packaging>Food>Bottles, transparent
  • Packaging>Cosmetics>Bottles, transparent
  • Injection molding - thermoplastics>Blow molding
  • ...
Butanox® M-50 VR by Nouryon is a medium-reactive, general-purpose methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) with low water content. It includes a vanishing red indicator system that in most cases... view more
  • UPR
  • Curing & polymerisation control
Blue Edge™ 78 by Ampacet is a mini-pellet masterbatch that improves aesthetics and functionality of post-consumer recycled PET resins. It shows enhanced distribution and processability, lower... view more
  • PET
  • Packaging>Food>Bottles, transparent
  • Visual aspect & aesthetics>Whitening / brightening
  • Cost reduction>Reduce energy consumption
VIBATAN® PLA BLACK N0381 is a preparation of carbon black in a polylactic acid (PLA) carrier. It can modify the mechanical properties and improve impact resistance, mold release, anti-static... view more
  • Bioplastic>PLA
  • Mechanical/ physical performance>Impact resistance
  • Polymer Conversion>Antiblocks
  • Visual aspect & aesthetics>Coloration
Hycar® NH3069 by Lubrizol is a self-crosslinking, heat reactive, halogen free acrylic polymer. Acts as a flame retardant designed for decorative paper, filtration paper and nonwovens, transportation... view more
  • Fibers/ Textiles/ Carpets>Non wovens
  • Furnitures>Upholstery
  • Stationary>Papers
  • Mechanical/ physical performance>Stiffness
  • ...
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