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Product Name
GlobalPlus™ +Restore™ strengthening agent by Riverdale Global is a liquid processing aid that improves the quality of regrind (PCR) of recycled polymers. It reduces the polymer degradation that... view more
  • PP
  • Fibers/ Textiles/ Carpets>Fibers
  • Extrusion
  • ...
CYASORB® CYXTRA® V9900 by Solvay is a UV stabilizer. It is manufactured with CYFLOW® technology which prevents product lumping and agglomeration during processing. It delivers an optimal balance of... view more
  • TPE and TPV>TPO (or TPE-O)
  • Automotive/ Transportation>Internal
  • Automotive/ Transportation>Structural
  • Automotive/ Transportation>External
  • ...
CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® M528 by Solvay is a UV/light stabilizer designed to provide greater formulation flexibility and production efficiency to masterbatch producers. Offers long-term UV... view more
  • PE
  • Households products/ Consumer Goods>Sports & Leisures
  • Buildings & constructions
  • Households products/ Consumer Goods>Toys
  • ...
SUKANO® Mobility Aid Solution is an additive masterbatch designed to improve production efficiency in Injection Stretch Blow Molded (ISBM) PET bottles. It helps maintain clarity, keeps PET... view more
  • PET
  • Packaging>Food>Bottles, transparent
  • Packaging>Cosmetics>Bottles, transparent
  • Injection molding - thermoplastics>Blow molding
  • ...
Butanox® M-50 VR by Nouryon is a medium-reactive, general-purpose methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) with low water content. It includes a vanishing red indicator system that in most cases... view more
  • UPR
  • Curing & polymerisation control
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