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Venator Materials (Huntsman)
TIOXIDE® TR42 by Venator Materials (Huntsman) is a titanium dioxide pigment. Designed to modify and deliver improvements to plastic products. TIOXIDE® TR42 is a naturally occurring, white opaque... view more
Venator Materials (Huntsman)
SACHTOTEC® TC by Venator Materials (Huntsman) is a highly purified zinc sulphide grade. It acts as a dispersing and wetting agent. It can be used in combination with optical brighteners to allow the... view more
  • Electronics / Computers
  • Polymer Conversion>Wettability
  • Mechanical/ physical performance>Hardness
  • Polymer Conversion>Dispersion
AddWorks® ATR 146 by Clariant is a light- and heat stabilizer for filled PP compounds. Designed for automotive interior applications. It is a sulfur-free, low odor compound with 10% lower total... view more
  • PP
  • Automotive/ Transportation>Internal
  • Polymer protection>Weatherability (UV, moisture, Oxygen...)
AddWorks® TFB 117 by Clariant is a heat- and light stabilizer for polyamides. It is a synergistic solution with better processability even at low processing temperatures. When introduced during... view more
  • PA, Nylon
  • Fibers/ Textiles/ Carpets
  • Compoundings
  • Polymer protection>Weatherability (UV, moisture, Oxygen...)
AF7380PE by Tosaf acts as an anti-fogging masterbatch for polyethylene films. Offers excellent efficiency, superb transparency and optical properties in packaging film. It help reduce the harmful... view more
  • PE
  • Packaging>Food>Films, multilayer
  • Extrusion>Films (blown)
  • Extrusion>Films (cast)
  • ...
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