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WARADUR® OPplus by Voelpker is a montan wax consisting of esters of montanic acids with multihydroxyl alcohols. It is a dispersing agent for color masterbatches and filled (talc, glass fiber)... view more
  • Epoxy, Epoxide Resin
  • Other Thermoset>P (or PF)
  • PA, Nylon
  • PC
  • ...
VISIOMER® GLYFOMA by Evonik is glycerol formal methacrylate based low-odor reactive diluent. It is based on 38% of glycerol derived from renewable raw materials. Due to its low vapor pressure, it... view more
First Graphene
PureGRAPH™ 10 by First Graphene is a graphene nanoparticle. It can be readily dispersed into polymer resins and rubbers. It is free of metallic contaminants. Exhibits high aspect ratio and low... view more
  • Other Rubber
  • Polymer Conversion>Dispersion
Resonance™ PS92-504_D by Hexion is a high performance, aromatic polyol for polyisocyanurate and polyurethane foams. Offers reduced exothermicity, easy handling, high compression strength and... view more
  • Buildings & constructions>Insulation
  • Appliances>Refrigerators
Resonance™ PS91-501_D by Hexion is a high performing aromatic polyol for polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams. It enhances fire performance of foams to improve the performance of tire... view more
  • Appliances>Refrigerators
  • Buildings & constructions>Insulation
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